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Ancient Australia: Introduction

Year 7 Humanities




This page has been prepared to assist you locate information you require to complete the task.

Here's a few Research Tips:

Use KEYWORDS what are you looking for? Nelson Mandela, Long Walk, 

Searching Databases is NOT like Google - Don't type in a question.....

Check for authenticity. Where are you getting the information from? Is it authoritative? Are the people writing it experts in the field?

Use the school DatabasesBritannicaHistory in Context & Middle School in Context & our new Databases from InfoBase. (links are in Useful Databases)

ClickView - great for Documentaries or Movies from the time. Login using your CLE credentials.

YouTube is another fantastic resources, with mini documentaries.

You will find resources on the shelves in Non Fiction 305.89915, 994, Mythology 398.20994 or if topic is Art in 700s

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