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Great Aussie Scientists: ClickView Resources

Year 6 Science


ClickView is a fantastic resource available to students from Year 6 - 12.

To login in you will need to use your Bialik credentials.

Check out the ClickView LibGuide to help you.

This page has been created to show a variety of resources available. To find more search Bialik Library, Secondary Library or the Exchange.

If the resource you find does not allow you to view, this may be due to the original rating.

Ask your teacher to add it to their Playlist and then share the link with you.

The resources on this page by no means exhaust the full range of those available on ClickView.

Search ClickView to find more.

You an even suggest that we add a video to the Bialik library on CV.

Only a few titles are included on this page.

Search full catalogue of ClickView titles by logging in.

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