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VCE Units 1 & 2 - Modern History: Research Tips

In the USSR, the establishment of a communist regime in 1917 was initially greeted with support by a large proportion of the people, but under Stalin millions of people were forced to work in state-owned factories and farms and dissenters were sent to lab


Check out the Library Skills page for a full range of research tips and referencing tools.

Use Online Reference Generator available on Skills page.

Check out the MIT LibGuide tips on using Boolean search terms, Truncation and use of "quotation" to narrow your searches.

Remember when using images that appear to be freely available online, you should always cite images.

On Google you can change the permissions when searching to search for images by selecting Tools - Usage Rights - Creative Commons.

Check permissions listed below.

Wikimedia Commons

Creative Commons


Use the APA 7th edition style for all subjects except History.

Use Harvard Referencing for History by clicking on this link.

If you are having difficulties accessing this tool please contact the library.

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