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LibGuides for Staff: Welcome

All you need to know about LibGuides and research Guides

To inspire a love for learning, reading, inquiry and innovation.


Bialik College Library subscribes to a variety of Databases to support the Curriculum.

Specifically they are targeted to our Middle and Senior students, however our Primary students are not forgotten.

Curated Guides will contain links from the databases that are relevant to the topic.

Databases are a trusted source of information.


QR Codes have been created for each guide and are visible on each introduction page.

Codes have also been created for lists of books available on each topic. These are found on the Library Books page of each guide.


LibGuides are basically websites which are specifically curated to support your curriculum needs. 

In collaboration with myself and subject teachers Guides provide students will a balanced starting point for their topic and research requirements.

Each guide will include links to relevant databases, websites and audio visual resources.

Videos are selected both from ClickView and YouTube and are sourced with the topic in mind.

Either physical and/or eBooks available from the Library are also referenced in the Guide.

Contact us if you need a guide created for your next topic.

Email Deb, for Middle & Senior guides

or Raff for Primary.

We're here to help.

All LibGuides are linked and available via the CLE or directly through Evelyn Hellen Library Homepage.

Bookmark all links for quick access.


Where applicable, any eBook or eAudio materials will be included on a guide.

Click on the image above to view our available eBook platforms.

Gale eBooks are another option for students to access relevant information on their topic.

These appear under Library Books page.

Check out the selection available across all schools.


Every LibGuide will also have a selection of books available from the library.

A Course Reserve link is also available on each LibGuide, giving students and staff a complete list of titles available on the particular topic.


All LibGuides are linked and available via the CLE.

Search via Sub School, Primary, Middle & Senior.

Below are samples of some Guides and what to expect. Roaring Twenties is one of our earliest guides.

You will notice many guides are Humanities based, but don't let that deter you from contacting us.

We can tailor guides to any (every) subject.



All LibGuides will have the ability to search the Library Catalogue from the introduction page.


Each Guide has a dedicated page to other Online Resources available.

Google provides so many options for links which can be extremely useful for students undertaking a research assignment.

Even professionals can be overwhelmed by the shear volume available.

As Library professionals, we are trained to evaluate links for suitability which saves valuable time for staff and students.

Useful links will be included in ALL Guides.

On this page you will see a combination of From YouTube videos and links to related materials.


Videos are available either through ClickView or YouTube.

Any video material on your topic will be included in the Research Guide.

Often Youtube has short succinct videos and ClickView has access to a huge Exchange or Primary & Secondary Libraries.


We will endeavour to include the topic assignment in each Guide.

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