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LibGuides Style Guide: Home

Library Staff use

To inspire a love for learning, reading, inquiry and innovation.


Make sure all websites are represented with the website icon, 30x30 or 40x40 pixels in size (depending on what looks best in context).

To include this go to Assign Thumbnail Image, and the icon is located in the Shared Library / ROOT folder.

Websites should always open in a new window.

The description should be shown when you hover over the information icon (the i in a black circle). Keep the description brief enough that you can read all of it when you hover over it.


If there is information in some of the databases on the topic, include links to the relevant databases.

Set the description to be visible when you hover over the item title.

Database Resource Icon found in Shared/Root folder. 


The pages of the guide are to be organised with the followijg folders:

  • Introduction
  • Research Tips
  • ClickView Resources
  • Online Resources
  • Library Books - including eBooks related to the topic

On each page, include boxes that are named with the topics of interest. remember topic boxes are in CAPS

Always include a Subject banner at the top of page and the LibGuides footer at the bottom.

Header Banners can be created in Spark with a size of 1200 x 350.

They are stored in Shared folder under Middle/Senior Banner folder.


+ Create Guide

Guide description: You must enter a description in this field as if you do not, it displays as "This guide has no description". 

Guide type: Choose one of the following.

  • Topic Guide - for Primary School guides
  • Subject Guide - for Middle and Senior School guides
  • General Purpose Guide - for miscellaneous guides, such as Library Guides.


  • Author name format (eg. Thomas Smith)
  • Call number and collection format (eg. Non Fiction 333.6 BRE or Primary Fiction CAR or Secondary Genre CAT)
  • Publication date format: year only (eg. 2017)
  • Books must be linked to the Library catalogue
  • Blurb visible when mouse hovers over the book cover. All books should have a blurb. Long blurbs will need to be shortened as lengthy blurb are not visible in the hover box. 
  • Assign all titles the Book Resource Icon for each title. Found in Shared/Root Folder


Attach Subject Headings to the Guide which relate to each topic.

For Instance WWII guide, Fall of Singapore, Kokoda trail.

If you have a list of topics to be covered, these should be included in the Guide. Thus students can search by Subject.

If the Guide is History, Science, Commerce, include this also in the Subjects.


Banner Sizing is

1200 X 72 pixels.


Videos are available either through ClickView or YouTube.

Any video material on your topic will be included in the Research Guide.

Often Youtube has short succinct videos and ClickView has access to a huge Exchange or Primary & Secondary Libraries.

The preference is to include ClickView product, if using YouTube videos embed on Website page

YouTube in  a guide with a 33 / 33 / 33 layout, videos should sit on the left hand side of the page.



Lucida Sans Unicode size 12 or 14 (14) presents better on a large desktop, (12) is suitable for laptop or device.

Primary Topic Guides 

Lucida Sans Unicode size 18

HEADINGS are to be used in Box name, not necessarily in body of text and are in CAPS


The title of the first tab of the guide will depend on what is appropriate for the subject matter, for example " Introduction" or "Convicts", avoid the use of the word "Home". 

Each page should include after Introduction, Research Tips, ClickView Resources, Online Resources and Books.


Both should be floating boxes and are linked back to original Storage Box for Training. Primary footer for all Guides Primary school. Footer for all others.

Header should be 1500 x 90 pixels


  • Colour should be colour of School
  • Primary = HEX #18c014
  • Middle = HEX #e8aa40
  • Sedondary = HEX #a665f3
  • Border thickness of 1 in same colour as Header box



Icons have been created for the following:

  • Database  
  • eBook 
  • eAudio 
  • Computer eBooks (Gale) 
  • Book
  • Video 
  • Internet Link 

Sizes should be no bigger than 16x16 pixels. Create in Spark at 50x50 and re-size in Photoshop.


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