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Evelyn Hellen Library: Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge

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The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge recommended list provided by the Victorian State Government is a fantastic resource to assist you in finding the right book for your age group.

Search by Author, Title, Year Level or ISBN by clicking on the image above or this link.

Not just for students, but also very helpful for teachers and library staff in ascertaining competent collection development in resourcing the school library.


Helping your child to choose age appropriate books

Not all books on the list are recommended text for all children.

The online system allows a student to select any book from the book list, regardless of the year level it has been allocated. Readers can choose what interests them. Teachers or coordinators approve, through online verification, each student’s reading list as appropriate and challenging for the individual.

If you have any concerns about the content of titles on the book lists, we encourage you to become involved in your child's book selections. This helps make sure they're appropriate.

Each title on these lists has been allocated to the year level or levels it is usually most appropriate. A number of titles appear on more than one list.

The list of books for year 9 and 10 is for mature readers. The list includes a range of young adult titles that students, parents and teachers can choose which is appropriate for each individual.

The books on this list are diverse in style and contain a range of themes and ideas. They reflect the reading habits and choices made by some young adolescents. The inclusion of a book on this list does not mean it is a recommended text for all students.
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